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Adventures in the forest

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Adventures in the forest

Adventures in the forest


Adventures in the forest CARSAC-AILLAC / SARLAT dordogne : Monkeys Forest

It is the only park in Sarladais which has a continuous cable line for 100% safety. You can have fun on your own, with family and friends on our new family and sports circuits with workshops such as skateboarding on rails, magic carpet ride ...

Cornille Aventure CORNILLE

Adventures in the forest CORNILLE dordogne : Cornille Aventure

New in 2018: We eagerly await your arrival for a wild day out in a rural setting just 10 minutes from the centre of Périgueux. Come and try the 100 attractions, situated among the trees, varying in height, difficulty and adrenalin rush. The ...

Accrozarbres LAVEYSSIERE

Adventures in the forest LAVEYSSIERE dordogne : Accrozarbres

15 minutes from Bergerac, in a shady oak and pine forest, the park offers 11 circuits of increasing difficulty including 2 black runs and 2 specifically for children of 3 years and upwards, 46 zip wires and 140 different games. There is a c ...

Périgord Vert Aventures NONTRON

Adventures in the forest NONTRON dordogne : Périgord Vert Aventures

Come and take your family for a walk in mid-air. In the north of Perigord at the edge of a superb lake, Perigord Vert Aventures park welcomes children as young as 3 years old, to ensure thrills. 7 circuits, 90 workshops, 2 independent zip-l ...

Parc de loisirs du Conquil SAINT-LEON-SUR-VEZERE

Adventures in the forest SAINT-LEON-SUR-VEZERE dordogne : Parc de loisirs du Conquil

Le Conquil located at Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère, one of the “most beautiful villages of France” 1 minute away from Montignac-Lascaux, proposes to go on an adventure among the trees and get an adrenaline rush in an exceptional setting. Three cir ...


Adventures in the forest SAINT-VINCENT-DE-COSSE dordogne : Airparc Périgord

"An island in the Dordogne?" No, you're not dreaming: AIRPARC is the only adventure course over the water! Many long zip-lines, rope bridges, Tarzan jumps, Himalayan bridges, etc. Thrilling but absolutely safe activities in a magical, outst ...

Via Ferrata de Marqueyssac VEZAC

Adventures in the forest VEZAC dordogne : Via Ferrata de Marqueyssac

Located in the rural district of Vézac , 9 kilometers away from Sarlat town, inside the gardens , the « via ferrata » of Marqueyssac is an acrobatic cliff course above the Dordogne valley.

Laid out in a cliff, a hundred meters abo

Centre de tourisme de RouffiacANGOISSE         05 53 52 68 79

Parcours aventure de RouffiacANGOISSE         05 53 52 68 79

Cornille aventureCORNILLE         06 74 78 03 83

VergtaventuresEGLISE-NEUVE-DE-VERGT         07 51 61 56 20

Périgord Vert AventuresNONTRON         06 72 32 19 52

Arbor ParcSAINT-AULAYE         06 01 49 41 45

Arbo Fun ParkSAINT-ESTEPHE         06 72 32 19 52

La forêt des écureuilsSAINT-VINCENT-LE-PALUEL         06 89 30 92 99

L'appel de la forêtTHENON         05 53 46 35 06

Les Jardins de MarqueyssacVEZAC         05 53 31 36 36

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