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Grotten und Höhlen

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Grotten und Höhlen

Grotten und Höhlen

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Gouffre de Proumeyssac AUDRIX

Grotten und Höhlen AUDRIX dordogne : Gouffre de Proumeyssac

The biggest cave in Périgord took a thousand years to form. With its countless concretions, from the miniscule to the giant, the Proumeyssac Chasm resembles a vast underground city that visitors can enter by foot tunnel or suspended cradle. ...


Grotten und Höhlen MONTIGNAC dordogne : Lascaux IV

International Centre of cave art. When, in 1940, four boys explored the burrow into which their dog had just rushed, they were far from expecting what they were about to discover. The magnificent cave reveals rooms with exceptional painting ...

Grotte de Villars VILLARS

Grotten und Höhlen VILLARS dordogne : Grotte de Villars

Formed 150 million years ago, in the Jurassic period, the Villars Cave is a masterpiece of nature and time. Discovered in 1953, this natural cavern is covered floor to ceiling with spectacular mineral columns. Giant stalagmites, sumptuous d ...

Grotte de Domme DOMME

Grotten und Höhlen DOMME dordogne : Grotte de Domme

450 metres of magical concretions.
An underground jewel, Domme Cave lies in an exceptional geographic location, under the village. Its 450 m of galleries invite you to discover a genuine maze of rooms where the ceilings decorated

Grottes de Maxange BUISSON-DE-CADOUIN

Grotten und Höhlen BUISSON-DE-CADOUIN dordogne : Grottes de Maxange

Profusion of rare eccentric crystallisations
In south Dordogne, 30 minutes from Sarlat, Maxange offers a rare diversity of formations. You will see not only usual stalactites and stalagmites but you will also be amazed by the un


Grotten und Höhlen EYZIES-DE-TAYAC-SIREUIL dordogne : Grotte du Grand Roc

A mineral forest nestled within the cliff.
Set in the heart of a majestic cliff overlooking the Vézère valley, Grand Roc is the only cave boasting a concretion listed by the UNESCO. It has never ceased to enthrall visitors sinc

Grotte de Tourtoirac TOURTOIRAC

Grotten und Höhlen TOURTOIRAC dordogne : Grotte de Tourtoirac

A geological pearl accessible to all. The Tourtoirac cave is a geological pearl crossed by an underground stream. After descending 25 meters below ground, visitors can feast their eyes on a geological miracle and be spellbound as they disco ...

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