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Welcome to Perigord

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Welcome to Perigord

Rich heritage

“As happy as God in France!” goes a German adage about the gentle pace of life here. So many people have indeed chosen to settle here, over such a long period of time, that we could add, “And as happy as men and women in Périgord!”

Périgord is indeed in the perfect spot – on the 45th parallel – explaining its superb temperate climate.Nature has sheltered people here for nearly 400,000 years now. The shelters and ornate caves in the Vézère River valley – including Lascaux, one of the best-known exponents worldwide – are the earliest signs of the artistic and spiritual insights that stirred our now well-known-ancestors.
The Romans called the people in this county they had recently conquered Petrourores. That is where the name Périgord came from. And human invention has not stopped enriching this area’s now seemingly limitless treasures since.
The churches here bear roman art’s unmistakeable hallmarks. The Hundred Years’ War in the Middle Ages brought fierce clashes between the Kingdom of France and the English Monarch – and bequeathed this area the imposing fortresses and beautifully-kept fortified towns you can explore and enjoy today.
The Renaissance brought peace, ushered out gothic architecture, and ushered in beautiful homes that rank on a par with the Loire Valley chateaux. The centuries that followed enriched this area with countless influences. History’s periods intertwine endlessly here today.