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Welcome to Perigord

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Welcome to Perigord

Flavourful traditions

Time has embarked Périgord on a journey back to Eden. Its people’s curiosity, talent, genius and penchant for epicurean delights have turned this area into one of the world’s gastronomic hotspots over the centuries – and indeed millennia.

Early prehistoric hunter-gatherers lived off – or rather survived thanks to – the natural surroundings. Then came the joys of sharing nature’s bounty. Périgord’s soil has spawned an amazing garden where chestnuts and strawberries grow alongside the well-known black diamonds, those mysterious mushrooms that botanists call melanosporum.
The secrets behind the tourain blanchi à l’ail, truffle omelette or nut oil, the skill required to harvest porcini and chanterelle mushrooms, the art of preparing poultry, and the art of making, cooking and relishing foie gras in all its forms, have handed down from generation to generation. And anyone can enjoy this ancestral heritage that passing years have preserved.
There something at once urbane and eminently commonplace about this alchemy. The dishes our grandmothers prepared and honed to perfection do fine dining proud. But they were not princely feasts at first: they slowly turned this region’s people into discerning aristocrats who relish ever-renewed taste-bud-tingling experiences.
And we will always be happy too share this land’s memorable treats and secrets.