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Towns and villages

Ville de Bergerac
Coeur du vignoble   

Périgord découverte : Ville de Bergerac

Bergerac is the fruit of a happy marriage between earth and water. Founded on the banks of the Dordogne, it was a major navigation centre and is still a place to enjoy water sports ...

Ville de Brantôme en Périgord
Venise du Périgord   

Périgord découverte : Ville de Brantôme en Périgord

The Venice of Périgord is an island surrounded by the River Dronne. In the eighth century Benedictine monks moved into caves at the bottom of the cliff before founding an abbey. Re ...

Ville de Montignac
Destination Préhistoire   

Périgord découverte : Ville de Montignac

Montignac bears witness to the ages: the heart of Man has beaten here for 40,000. Lascaux may have its famous cave, but Montignac has a thousand treasures. Once an inland naviga ...

Ville de Perigueux
Capitale du Périgord Ville d'Art et d'Histoire   

Périgord découverte : Ville de Perigueux

Wherever you come from, let Périgueux be your host this summer! Day or night, there’s something for everyone in the capital of Périgord, from open-air festivals and concerts, guide ...

Ville de Sarlat
Cité d’exception Ville d’Art et d’Histoire   

Périgord découverte : Ville de Sarlat

Sarlat grew up around a monastery. Workshops and shops fuelled the town’s expansion in the Middle Ages. Discover the mysteries of 77 listed monuments and buildings, including Etien ...

Ville de Terrasson-Lavilledieu
Ville jardin   

Périgord découverte : Ville de Terrasson-Lavilledieu

The founding in the 6th century of a Merovingian abbey by a monk named Sorus marks the birth of the present city. Although some sarcophaguses are still visible from that period, ...