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Barge rides

Barge rides

Gabares Norbert ROQUE-GAGEAC

Barge rides ROQUE-GAGEAC dordogne : Gabares Norbert

The village of La Roque Gageac, which lies exactly halfway between the source of the River Dordogne and the Gironde Estuary, was a major river trade centre in the heyday of inland navigation.

For nearly one hour, comfortably

Gabarres de Beynac BEYNAC-ET-CAZENAC

Barge rides BEYNAC-ET-CAZENAC dordogne : Gabarres de Beynac

The Dordogne, which Périgord’s 19th-century boating pioneers called the “Espérance” - the “river of hope” - flows below legendary Beynac château. You can glide past some of Périgord’s most beautiful castles and chateaus on a light barge exa ...

Gabarres Caminade ROQUE-GAGEAC

Barge rides ROQUE-GAGEAC dordogne : Gabarres Caminade

The boatsmen's heritage. On the right bank of the Dordogne, one of the ‘Most Beautiful Villages of France’ has been the setting for the Gabarres Caminade since the 18th century. Today the boats are run by the descendants of the last family ...

Gabarres de Bergerac BERGERAC

Barge rides BERGERAC dordogne : Gabarres de Bergerac

Treat yourself to a barge cruise through time aboard a traditional 'gabare', setting out from the legendary barge port of Bergerac. You will be told the history of Cyrano de Bergerac's town, the hectic lives of the lightermen and our nature ...

Gabare du Moulin de Duellas SAINT-MARTIAL-D'ARTENSET

Barge rides SAINT-MARTIAL-D'ARTENSET dordogne : Gabare du Moulin de Duellas

Embark on a relaxing barge trip for more than one hour on the Isle and pass through a manual lock, unique to Périgord !
Discover the fauna, flora and the life of barge skippers of yore.
On site: windmill, organic vegetable garde

Gabarre de Creysse CREYSSE

Barge rides CREYSSE dordogne : Gabarre  de Creysse

Set sail at the foot of Creysse town hall, opposite the wine warehouses of Pécharmant for a unique 1h30 cool cruise.
A guide will recount the story of the Batellerie, the village of Mouleydier, its port, its fishing spots, the port of


Barge rides TERRASSON-LAVILLEDIEU dordogne : Gabarre Le Vézère

Climb aboard the Vezère "gabarre", a traditional river boat, and enjoy a relaxing 40 minute trip taking in the cliffs of Malpas, the fortified church, the old bridge and the old town of Terrason Lavilledieu and the riches of its surrounding ...

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