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Farm produce BADEFOLS-SUR-DORDOGNE dordogne : Le Domaine de Barbe

A family, an estate, a passion. In a site that will delight you, between Bergerac and Sarlat, we will welcome you to one of the finest and strictly traditional poultry farms for geese and ducks. Guided tours and commented tasting sessions f ...


Farm produce CELLES dordogne : Ferme de LAFAYAS

Between Brantôme and Ribérac, the Deschamps family breeds ducks, geese and chicken as well as ostriches. You are welcome at the farm every day - Sundays and public holidays by appointment - and guided tours are available from 15th May to 15 ...

La Ferme de Turnac DOMME

Farm produce DOMME dordogne : La Ferme de Turnac

Within the Cingle de Montfort (Montfort Meander) lies a goose farm in the middle of a walnut plantation. Sylvain and Alain invite you to discover the farm, the force-feeding of the geese and ducks and the processing workshop. The visit alwa ...

Sangliers de Mortemart LE BUGUE

Farm produce LE BUGUE dordogne : Sangliers de Mortemart

Farm created 45 years ago. You can discover the farm by means of different types of visit - Every day in July and August from 10 am to 6 pm, and from 1 pm to 5 pm at other times of the year - Guided tours of the farm take place at 3 pm shar ...

La ferme de Biorne LUNAS

Farm produce LUNAS dordogne : La ferme de Biorne

Just off the Bergerac-Mussidan road (A89 exit 13), Martine and Yvon Noël Artaud invite you to a traditional duck breeding and animal park following by a tasting: 11am & 6pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays 15 June to 15 September. Must preb ...

Ferme de Puygauthier MARSANEIX

Farm produce MARSANEIX dordogne : Ferme de Puygauthier

Our farm in the centre of Périgord (15 km south of Périgueux) uses only traditional methods to make our duck foie gras, which is recognised as a reference in Périgord. Our products have won 10 prizes since 1988 and obtained the "indication ...

Domaine Truffier de Péchalifour SAINT-CYPRIEN

Farm produce SAINT-CYPRIEN dordogne : Domaine Truffier de Péchalifour

Learn about the famous Périgord black truffle by visiting the Péchalifour truffle estate, how it's grown, matured, and how it tastes, in a classic Périgourdin hamlet. Let Edouard take you on a tour of the truffle estate, watch Lino use the ...

La Ferme Andrevias SORGES

Farm produce SORGES dordogne : La Ferme Andrevias

- 15 minutes from Périgueux just off the RN 21 at the entrance to the village of Sorges. - Open every day except Sunday. - Free tours year round, groups welcome by appointment with confirmation a week in advance. - Slide show and guide ...

Elevage des Granges TURSAC

Farm produce TURSAC dordogne : Elevage des Granges

The ferme des granges, between Les Eyzies-de-Tayac and Montignac in the Vézère Valley, raises geese without animal feed or fats and force-fed with non-genetically modified maize that is sown, harvested and dried on the farm. You can buy foi ...

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