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Bergerac winemakers

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Bergerac winemakers

Bergerac winemakers

Domaine de Costes BERGERAC

Bergerac winemakers BERGERAC dordogne : Domaine de Costes

The Domaine des Costes derives its name from the old French "côtes" or "coteaux" which means hillside in English. The property is situated in Bergerac, in one of the 4 local areas allowed to produce the Pécharmant wine. ...

Château de La Jaubertie COLOMBIER

Bergerac winemakers COLOMBIER dordogne : Château de La Jaubertie

The Château de la Jaubertie has has a rich and varied history: initially the hunting lodge of Henry IV, he bequeathed it to Gabrielle d’Estrée. In the 18th century it was developed by Leo Beylet, Marie-Antoinette's favourite doctor. It was ...

Château de Tiregand CREYSSE

Bergerac winemakers CREYSSE dordogne : Château de Tiregand

Château de Tiregand on the Bergerac Ste-Alvère road (D32), in the heart of Bergerac's oldest vineyard, invites you to rediscover forgotten sensations. Come taste the range of its Pécharmant wines and discover subtle spices, sweet berries an ...

Domaine Grande Maison MONBAZILLAC

Bergerac winemakers MONBAZILLAC dordogne : Domaine Grande Maison

In the heart of the Monbazillac region, on a hill overlooking the banks of the Dordogne and the historic city of Bergerac, Château Grande Maison has produced exceptional organic wines for decades. A unique setting with its ancient 13th-cent ...

Le vignoble de Monestier la Tour MONESTIER

Bergerac winemakers MONESTIER dordogne : Le vignoble de Monestier la Tour

Owned by the Scheufele family since 2012, Château Monestier La Tour overlooks the small village of Monestier, a stone's throw from the Gironde vineyards in the west and the winegrowing commune of Saussignac in the east. Monestier used to be ...

Château Bélingard POMPORT

Bergerac winemakers POMPORT dordogne : Château Bélingard

Château Bélingard, which overlooks the Dordogne Valley 10 km south of Bergerac, offers visitors a perfect reflection of Monbazillac and Bergerac grands crus. Château Belingard stands on the site of an ancient temple dedicated to Belin, the ...

Château Barouillet POMPORT

Bergerac winemakers POMPORT dordogne : Château Barouillet

Château Barouillet has been in the same family for eight generations, but our research has unearthed no further information because its lands have passed down through female lines with no accurate recording of names due to practices at the ...

Domaine de Coutancie PRIGONRIEUX

Bergerac winemakers PRIGONRIEUX dordogne : Domaine de Coutancie

The Domaine de Coutancie overlooking the valley 5 km from Bergerac welcomes you year round. Its owner, Nicole Maury, will introduce you to her prize-winning wines: red, white and rosé Bergerac and her inimitable Rosette (one of the southwes ...

Château Terre Vieille SAINT-SAUVEUR

Bergerac winemakers SAINT-SAUVEUR dordogne : Château Terre Vieille

Chateau Terre Vieille est situé sur l’appellation Pécharmant sur le domaine de l’illustre philosophe Maine de Biran. Bénéficiant d’un terroir et d’une exposition exceptionnels les vins uniques, et reconnus, sont issus de différentes parcell ...

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