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Villages of character

Villages of character

Visite de Bourdeilles   

Bourdeilles is a medieval village built on the river Dronne, off the main road between Périgueux and Brantôme en Périgord. The first of four baronies of 11th century Périgord, the ...

Visite de Tourtoirac   

At the edge of the Auvézère, barely hidden by centuries-old plane trees, the village of Tourtoirac is dominated by the Benedictine Abbey founded in the 11th century with the church ...

Visite des Eyzies   

The ochre-coloured cliffs that were occupied by our distant ancestors stand at the entrance to the village of Les Eyzies, where you can take time to explore the alleys and lanes. T ...

Visite d'Issigeac   

Encircled by its villages, its vineyards and its cereal crops, Issigeac, the medieval town of southern Bergerac, is in the centre of the Pays des Bastides. It was built in a spiral ...